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Tailwind has a distinct and thematically focused investment strategy in the U.S. middle market.

We invest in companies in identified Business and Industrial Services sub-sectors where we possess differentiated experience and resources and where there are compelling trends and the opportunity to implement our unique Accelerate Change growth strategy.

  • Industrial Services
  • Business Services
    Infrastructure Services

    Distribution Solutions

    Supply Chain & Logistics

    Marketing & Data Services

    Communication & IT Services

Investment Criteria

  • $25-200M+Equity Investments
  • $500M+Enterprise Value
  • $10-50M+ EBITDA

Tailwind works with management to Accelerate Change, our clearly defined, operationally intensive approach to portfolio company growth.

We don’t micro-manage our companies, rather we only partner with teams who value our sector expertise and who share our approach to creating value. Tailwind’s differentiated set of operational resources are aligned with each element of this strategy, helping to drive transformative company growth.

How we Accelerate Change

  • Foundation
    Post-investment, we immediately build the foundation for growth, focusing on initial onboarding, financial controls, risk, cyber, and ESG .
  • Talent
    Tailwind works to expand management teams, as well as assess and develop HR processes and recruitment strategies.
  • Technology
    We leverage modern technologies and supply chain tools to digitize portfolio companies.
  • M&A
    By building our portfolio companies’ in-house M&A capabilities, we scale businesses through accretive add-on acquisitions that can materially increase geographic reach, customer base, and product or service offerings.