Fabian McCarthy

Operating Executive

Mr. McCarthy assists Tailwind in sourcing, evaluating and performing due diligence on healthcare opportunities. Mr. McCarthy serves on the Board of Directors of DermaRite. Mr. McCarthy recently served as Chief Executive Officer of Diamondback Drugs, a former Tailwind portfolio company.
Mr. McCarthy has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. Previously, Mr. McCarthy served as Executive Vice President, Operations of Freedom Innovations, LLC. Prior to Freedom, he spent 25 years at Aircast Incorporated, serving as Executive Vice President of Operations/New Product Development as the company grew from under $2 million to $100 million in annual global revenues. Following Aircast Incorporated’s acquisition by dj Orthopedics, Mr. McCarthy was Aircast Incorporated’s General Manager and Vice President of International Operations focusing on the integration of dj Orthopedics and Aircast. Mr. McCarthy has extensive experience in lean manufacturing practices, new product development and global outsourcing initiatives, and holds several patents on orthopedic devices.

  • sector focus Healthcare