Invatron Announces Company Name Change to Invafresh

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Invatron Announces Company Name Change to Invafresh

New York – May 2021 – Invatron Systems Corp. (Invatron), a market leader of fresh-native technology solutions for fresh food retail announced today it is changing its name to Invafresh. The transformation of the company identity is in response to its accelerated growth, advances in its fresh-native cloud service offering and its strategic focus of working with leading retail grocers who are differentiating themselves in Fresh. With a new tagline “Think Fresh. Think Forward”, the company strengthens its market position in fresh food retail and reinforces its mission to accelerate the transition to fresher food demand and supply, contribute to a fresher, healthier, safer, and sustainable lifestyle for grocers and consumers alike.

“The powershift from businesses to consumers force every brand to move from transactional to experiential. The future of the grocery industry is no exception. Our brand evolution to Invafresh is living proof of our capability to adapt to market changes and think customers first. It represents our breadth of fresh expertise and realigns our identity with our refined value proposition and core strategic focus – to accelerate and optimize the experiential consumer journey in fresh food retail that is top of mind for global grocers,” says Tim Spencer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Invafresh.

“It’s a major milestone for the company. We are excited to lead the continuously evolving fresh food retail technology market and ready for the Invafresh brand to become synonymous with the technology powering the reinvention of fresh item management into Freshology.”

The evolution of the company’s brand journey serves justice to its 33 years of deep domain knowledge while it reflects a new strategic focus on retailers who are strategically focused on fresh. At the heart of the transformation is its massive impact of forecasting technologies across the fresh retail markets. Invafresh’s leading-edge, cloud technology powers its Freshology platform – a unified solution to process and manage demand forecasting for all processes across fresh food retail merchandising, replenishment, compliancy and sustainability.

The Invafresh platform is a highly accurate demand forecasting engine for fresh food retail operations. Common intelligent forecasting works as a single source of truth for decision making and operations across all points of customer experience – demand, production, availability, and delivery. Invafresh’s platform delivers one forecast, one truth across all operations that powers and unifies predictions, plans, production, and performance.

“Fresh Item Management (FIM) technology is being redefined into a more modular set of capabilities. With fresh foods leading the future of the grocery industry, the rise and acceleration of ‘Freshology’ will continue to become more important to grocery leaders,” says Mike Griswold, Vice President, Team Manager, Supply Chain Strategy & Enablers, Gartner. “Technology leaders in this space such as Invafresh, must be able to provide a holistic and strategic platform designed and built for fresh foods unique demand and supply challenges.”

“Today is the start of our Invafresh journey – a purposeful evolution of our brand to reflect a fresh mindset and attitude that the industry craves. It also shines the spotlight on the core of our success, the Freshologists behind our company – a unified, agile, innovative, collaborative and outcome-focused team who will lead the reinvention of fresh in the years to come. Together, we look forward to our brand shaping the industry with endless growth possibilities for fresh food retailers globally, empowering consumers to make healthier food choices and protecting our planet by reducing waste and driving sustainability,” says Aneta Ranstoller, Vice President of Marketing, Invafresh.

On June 8th, the Company is set to introduce the new Invafresh brand in its entirety to the public with a live webinar featuring its President and CEO, Tim Spencer, joined by Rick Stein, Vice President, Fresh, FMI (The Food Industry Association). Register here to save your seat and be part of the monumental moment in the evolution of fresh.

About Invafresh
For more than 30 years, the heritage of Invafresh enabled fresh food retailers to create extraordinary store operations performance and differentiated consumer experiences. As the leader of Freshology, Invafresh is deployed in more than 25,000 grocery stores spanning a global reach of 15 countries to provide software platforms for omnichannel demand forecasting, merchandising, replenishment, and sustainability and compliancy support. We are Freshologists building Freshology on the mission to empower food retailers with a top platform for fresh food retail operations and accelerate the transition to fresher demand and supply. For more information, visit

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