investment philosophy

For us, the first steps to growth are candor and clarity. Exceptional partnerships are built on a full and frank exchange of information and insight to reach our common goal: uncommon growth. Tailwind works to provide the necessary financial, intellectual and tactical resources to help transition your business to a larger, more profitable enterprise.

We approach investment strategy and operational improvement with discipline and rigor. But we don't tell you how to do your job. Rather, we lend our perspective to help unlock the potential of your business.

Personally invested in and committed to each portfolio company, our team helps navigate the critical issues - economic, organizational, and operational - at every stage, leveraging our distinct network, helping to transition the company and accelerate growth.

While every investment is unique, our fundamental investment and partnership principles include:
ensure a good fit

Plans and ideas aren't enough to make businesses grow; people make it happen. We never proceed without the right chemistry.

collaboration is key

Every business, every situation is different. We'll bring executive talent if needed, but want you to run your business. We prefer to devote our energy and effort to strategy and counsel.

stay focused, not limited

We concentrate in the healthcare, business services & industrial services sectors, but our range of experience is broader.

we don't succeed, unless you do

This simple truth affords our management teams the caliber of support they deserve. More than personal attention, it means personal investment.

keep sight of mutual objective

Establishing, creating, and sustaining maximum value in the business is everybody's bottom line.

speak plainly, listen intently

We may not always agree, but you'll always get our unvarnished opinions, advice, and recommendations. We expect this to be reciprocated. It's the only way to make the progress we both want.